Monday, October 31, 2011

Kyoshi John Jackson

Kyoshi John Jackson, a direct student of Seikichi Odo, and thereby Shigeru Nakamura of Okinawa Kenpo, also brings to the Nintaikan Dojo the Kobudo implemented by Odo Sensei. Kyoshi Jackson is the founder of the Nintaikan Kobudo Kai. He is also the direct student of Seiki Irei of the Ramses Uechi-ryu style from Okinawa, via Seiyu Shinjo of the Kadena Shubukan, and ultimately Kanbun Uechi, founder of Uechi -ryu.

His Kobudo lineage, also from Seikichi Odo, is via Mitzuo Kakazu, and Shinpo Matayoshi, whose father Shinko Matayoshi is the founder of the Matayoshi style of Kobudo. As described by his senior students and his Okinawan Dojo brothers, Kyoshi is with great honor and humbleness trying to share the greatness of both of his outstanding Sensei, and their representative Ryu. Currently graded at San-dan, in Ryuku Kempo and Kobudo, and as Kyoshi and Shichi-dan 7th Degree Black Belt in Uechi-ryu, he is also a Life Member of the Kokusai Seito Karate Kenkyukai, graded at 7th Dan, Kyoshi. Both Kobudo and Uechi-ryu classes are currently being held in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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